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  • A bit of storytelling that will make you think The following video stopped us in our tracks when it arrived via email this week. It’s from Raising The Roof, the Canadian organization that seeks permanent, strong solutions to homelessness. Raising the Roof’s Humans For Humans campaign encourages Canadians to examine homelessness by way of a meaningful conversation instead of “mean Tweets.” You’ll see why right here. ... Read More
  • Farm program good for the soul of urban volunteer What is it they say about relationships? Opposites attract? It seems to make for good chemistry in the volunteer work Tony Schall does. “I grew up in the suburbs,” he says in a kitchen classroom set up in an old barn. “I don’t know anything about farms.” And yet he volunteers as a board director for Steckle Heritage Farm, a charitable non-profit in ... Read More
  • Capacity Canada report sees opportunity in county’s rural character Renfrew County just west of Ottawa is a vast chunk of land, with a lot of rocks and trees, farms and small towns. And, somewhere in all that space – untapped economic energy. Sound familiar? “It’s a microcosm of Canada,” says Glenn Smith, who helped Capacity Canada with a study in Renfrew in 2014. “There is a variety of industry and some interesting — very promising ... Read More
  • Storytelling Show, don’t tell. It’s a mantra journalists know well and one that we, as charities, can learn from. If you would like to learn more about implementing storytelling into your organization,  please contact Christian Aagaard by clicking here. Direct download the guide by clicking here. Read More