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By Cathy Brothers – November 16, 2012
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This guide builds on the work Capacity Waterloo Region has been doing in the area of storytelling for non-profits. We set out on this initiative primarily to tell our own story in a way that connected the worlds of storytelling and evaluation.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 3.24.04 PM.pngThis Storytelling Guide is dedicated to Peter and John. They are innovative CEOs of non-profits in Waterloo Region. They share a belief regarding the power of storytelling. You will read in this guide how they are transforming their organizations with deliberate strategies to create storytelling cultures.

For over 20 years, Jennifer King, the principal author, has brought passion and creativity to her roles in journalism, media, business development, international aid, and non-profit capacity building. As a founding member of Capacity Waterloo Region, Jennifer recognized from the outset the profound importance of helping non-profits to build their skills in all areas of communication and storytelling. She helped kick-start changes in how Waterloo Region's non-profits approach storytelling and has introduced our region to world-renowned storytelling experts, such as Andy Goodman, Dan Pallotta, and National Geographic's Karen Kasmauski and Bill Douthitt. Jennifer's insights into the balance between head and heart - stories and evaluation - are evident throughout this guide. Tanya Darisi, Capacity Waterloo Region's Leader in Evaluation and Development, has worked closely with Jennifer to create a model for marrying evaluation and storytelling. In the chapter on Collecting and Analyzing Stories, Tanya brilliantly demonstrates her ability to combine her academic PhDresearch training with an ability to measure impact through telling stories.

Thank you to Matt Miller, Capacity Waterloo Region's Executive in Residence for Marketing and Branding, for putting the finishing touches on the production of the guide. As a long-time post-secondary teacher in graphic design, Matt is an invaluable mentor for non-profits in Waterloo Region.

Every non-profit organization will want to read this guide thoroughly and refer to it often.

I can't imagine a more relevant, current, and resource-rich document for organizations that want to engage all the folks that are important to them.The Storytelling Guide is the copyrighted property of Capacity Waterloo Region. We give our permission for you to further distribute this document. We do ask that you acknowledge Capacity Waterloo Region in any disseminations of Guide, in part or in whole.

To access the guide, click here.  You will need to sign-in to our online community to view. 

Cathy Brothers, Executive Director in Residence


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