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  • Capacity introduces MatchBoard to new candidates MatchBoard, the program that connects Manulife employees with roles on the boards of local charitable non-profits, is recruiting again in Waterloo Region. About 70 matches involving area non-profits have been made since the program began in 2012. Capacity Canada runs MatchBoard in Toronto and Waterloo Region under a partnership with Manulife. It outlined the program to ... Read More
  • Visitors from MaRS: Studio Y Fellows check out social innovation in Waterloo Region If they arrived not knowing what to expect, they left with plenty of food for thought. Twenty-five young men and women, the second cohort of the MaRS Studio Y program in Toronto, visited Waterloo Region Oct. 8 as guests of Capacity Canada. Drawn from backgrounds as wide-ranging as mathematics, film-making, music, commerce and physics, they have at least two ... Read More
  • Exchange Magazine – Regional Organization Goes National Published September 15, 2014 There’s a certain delightful irony in the name change. An organization called “Capacity” has had to expand, because its name was simply not big enough to represent its mandate. “Capacity Waterloo Region” is now officially “Capacity Canada.” The change took place in mid-summer, and CEO Cathy Brothers describes the transition as “fabulous”. Brothers ... Read More