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  • Joining a board: It’s a job, not a pastime Don McCreesh has the highest respect for people who join the committees and boards that run community groups. They’re good, solid citizens, he says. “The learning I got as a camp counsellor was that you leave your campsite a better place than it was when you arrived,” McCreesh said after giving a workshop at the Tannery Event ... Read More
  • CreateAthon in Waterloo Region: Bleary eyes, bright ideas Deadlines. Team meetings. Ideas that work, others that don’t. Such is life in the marketing world. Third-year students in Conestoga College’s graphic-design program got a taste of it Oct. 23. “This fast-paced experience really ignites the creative process,’’ Matt Piotrowski said four hours into a round-the-clock branding blitz known as CreateAthon  “The things we are designing will be used ... Read More
  • Capacity introduces MatchBoard to new candidates MatchBoard, the program that connects Manulife employees with roles on the boards of local charitable non-profits, is recruiting again in Waterloo Region. About 70 matches involving area non-profits have been made since the program began in 2012. Capacity Canada runs MatchBoard in Toronto and Waterloo Region under a partnership with Manulife. It outlined the program to ... Read More