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  • We request your help         Dear Friends, In just about any town, on just about any night of the week, you’ll find people meeting about sports associations, hospitals, social causes, matters of faith….The list is wonderfully long and varied. A simple show of hands can build a shelter for the homeless or launch a Christmas toy drive. Capacity Canada — formally Capacity Waterloo ... Read More
  • Governance boot camp starts with words of wisdom from seasoned director It might be easier to list the boards Robert (Bob) Astley hasn’t joined. Now retired, the former CEO of Clarica Life Insurance Co. (now Sun Life Financial Canada) remains an active member of boards, ranging from the directors overseeing BMO Financial Group to the ones — members of his family — looking after the Astley Family Foundation.  So ... Read More
  • Joining a board: It’s a job, not a pastime Don McCreesh has the highest respect for people who join the committees and boards that run community groups. They’re good, solid citizens, he says. “The learning I got as a camp counsellor was that you leave your campsite a better place than it was when you arrived,” McCreesh said after giving a workshop at the Tannery Event ... Read More